The Simpson’s Created History by Airing it’s First Hip-Hop Episode “The Great Phatsby”

Last month, the popular American cartoon series ‘The Simpsons’ made history with its new episode based on hip-hop theme, the episode was aired on Jan 15, 2017, titled “The Great Phatsby” inspired by ‘Empire’ and ‘The Great Gatsby’. This episode was the first to air for complete 1 hour. In order to bring hip hop flavour to Springfield, the animated series tapped Common, SnoopDog, RZA and producer Jim Beanz. Jim has already produced music for Empire’s first season, he was very excited to be associated with the series he grew up on watching.

In an interview with Billboard, he says “I was humbly grateful and completely shocked that they called me for this episode. But at the same time, I was ready for it”. He adds, “Everything I went through prior to this, It was all for The Simpsons” Beanz’s attraction towards the show dates back to his childhood. When he was just nine years old he mad hand drawn Simpson characters customised on his clothes. He created almost 18 songs for this episode in collaboration with Britney Spears and Timbaland. The Great Phatsby is a must watch if you are a die-hard hip hop follower

Watch a short clip from the episode here: