Sikander Kahlon’s ‘Shaheedi’ Will Force You To Give Your Life A Second Thought


Sikander Kahlon is unquestionably in the ‘Top Three’ zone now. With nine full length mixtapes & two compilation mixtapes under his name,the substances that he uses in his music is remarkable. His affiliation with names like FatehByg ByrdManj MusikRaftaarBadshahDeep Jandu & others is a landmark in itself & the level of respect that he has earned is something that many artists dream of.

Sikander Kahlon tries to target things that a very few of us actually care about. This time he is here to change your perspective towards the life that you’re leading.

‘Je jurm vekhiye, Gunhegaar assi vi’untitled

Shaheedi‘ is his latest drop that came out a couple of days ago. As the title suggests, it’s a dedication towards martyrs and this time it’s not just about Shaheed Bhagat Singh. Kahlon also talks about Sikhism & the importance of knowing who sacrificed what for the sake of their land’s pride. A theme-based track with punchlines is like a cherry on the topping which Sikander managed to serve properly.

Kahlon targeted the negative impact of taxes & uncontrollable hike in the prices of agricultural products that adversely affects our farmers by spitting lines like ‘Apne hi desh vich dena painda lagaan‘ & ‘Ki kahu Bhagat Singh dekhke ajj de haalat, Kisaan di jaan ton mehanga hoya ajj anaaj’. He questioned the conspiracy that suggests Bhagat Singh of being a terrorist & claimed that kids today are not aware of their religion at all. He asks ‘Kaun sigey Panjh Pyaare?’ and sarcastically answers it by saying ‘Ajj kal Google nu zyada pata Sikkhi vaare’.


Overall, this track is not about patriotism. This is about how aware you are about the world that you live in and how your knowledge was manipulated by the people who surrounds you. Harm Sandhu produced this amazing story-telling instrumental for Sikander Kahlon. Velly who owns VR Creative Films is kahlon’s crew mate and took the work related with the video on himself & created this beautiful piece. ‘Shaheedi‘ is a promotional single from Sikander Kahlon’s upcoming mixtape & his fans know that he is not here to play games.

Watch ‘Shaheedi’ by Sikander Kahlon here :