Sikander Kahlon’s Journey- #KKG


The culture of rap is not new to the Indian audience, the Indian diaspora were introduced to hip hop music with a South Asian twist, which came to be referred as Desi Hip Hop, the first Hip Hop artist was none other than Baba Sehgal, who took up the duty to promote the Indian rap scene in the 90s. Sehgal’s hits include albums like ‘Thanda Thanda Pani’, ‘Dilruba’, ‘Main Bhi Madonna’, ‘Manjula’ and ‘Dil Dhadke’. His album ‘Thanda Thanda Pani’ was so popular among the masses that it sold close to 1 lac copies in 90 days.

The hip hop scene garnered popularity with the introduction of MTV Channel, which gave a platform to these rappers and made the rap scene popular in India.

After that, there was no looking back. The Hip Hop scene in India was unstoppable; with the introduction of so many talented rappers, such that they now work with the top production companies in Bollywood, and also work in their films too. This showed a standard shift in the music taste of the population which somehow resonates with their life which is a fast track, full of energy, enthusiasm, and zeal, stamina and pep. Nowadays no one is attracted to the slow songs which our predecessor are accustomed to, and to be honest, we like our song to be fast and full of vitality.


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Sikander Kahlon, also known as “Skndrkalo” born on 13th August 1994, is a very new entrant into the whole Desi Hip Hop scene, but I can say with certainty that he has created a storm in the hip hop circuit. He is full of energy, vitality, zeal, enthusiasm, he has that spark in his songs that the young generation can connect to, he can make a crowd go crazy on their feet.

Kahlon hails from the town of Mohali, in the Indian state of Punjab, which incidentally has given us many rappers of immense talent, you could say that Punjab is like the cradle of the whole Desi Hip Hop scene.

During his early days, he drew inspiration and influences from 2pac, 50 Cent, Eminem, Nas, Jay-Z and many another artist. He introduced himself in the whole desi hip hop circuit just recently, in the year between 2010-2011. He is the member of Mohali-based hip-hop crew named ‘Kala Kurta Gang’ along with Sady Immortal, Rob C & Velly

When he released his first album “Sovereign”, we could see that he had much to learn, such that his early songs didn’t have the witty lyrics or punch lines that a rap song is associated with, but as time progressed and he released more albums and songs he learned a lot and improved his songs which are visible in his songs and albums like  ‘Mohali Messiah’ and ‘The Punjabi Trap’, which were liked and appreciated by the critics and desi hip hop fans. Along with fellow rapper Sady Immortal, he has released a number of good hip hop singles like All the Way Up and Started from the Bottom to name a few.

His commendable work in the desi hip hop scene got noticed by Manjeet Singh aka “Manj Musik” and got him signed to his crew. Since then he has released some good tracks like ‘Chal Chaliye’ with the latter. His recent release was the ‘Mohali Messiah 2’ which has featured artists and producers like Byg Byrd, Harm Sandhu, Pam Ramgarhiya, Andy Grewal, Sound Shikari, Baajewaala, J Hayer, , Manj Musik, Raga & Encore ABJ.

Though Sikander has gained a lot in the little time he has been into the whole rap scene, I feel that he has a lot to learn and he has to put himself through the trials of fire and show the world that he is the next sensation of the desi hip hop scene. I must say he is doing commendable and praiseworthy work in the Indian Rap scene.

Watch “Chal Chaliye’ video here: