Sikander Kahlon – ‘Ooouuu’ (Remix) #KKG (Video)


Sikander Kahlon is known for his sense of using rhymes and smart bars in his music.He’s often referred as ‘The Encyclopedia of Hip-Hop’ by some rappers in the underground rap music scene cos’ his style of putting together his knowledge of music on a record is remarkable. Known for dropping some of the hottest mixtapes in the underground like ‘To Her, With Love‘, ‘Punjabi Trap‘, ‘Last Resort‘ & others. His is a reputation of being one of the best in the underground music scene.

sikander kahlon

Recently, Sikander Kahlon dropped a compilation mixtape ‘werk16‘ which featured his releases from 2016 to make it easy for his fans to download his music all in one go. This tape featured artists like Deep Jandu, Divine, Gengis Khan, Kala Kurta Gang, Sound Shikari, San Cha & others.

werk16‘ also featured a Sikander Kahlon’s remix of Young M.A.‘s ‘Ooouu‘. He’s here again with it’s visuals. Excited, right?

No one would have thought of seeing him in the video of ‘Ooouu (Remix)’ & may be that’s why Sikander Kahlon is known for surprising his fans. This video is just like Sikander’s earlier videos which were not about cinematic appeal at all. Video features him wearing a ‘Atlético Madrid’ jersey which depicts his love for football is just not for the social media. Members of Kala Kurta Gang are there in the video to show their unity too.

ooouuu sikander kahlon

I’ll try to talk a less about the audio just because I’ve written about it in my previous article that was based on his mixtape. But, I can guarantee you one thing that ‘Ooouu (Remix)’ is all about punchlines & bars like “Rap Karaan jad, Aave aandhi/ Godse vangu billo te shoot karaan Gandhi”, “Mainu paise di ae bhook te tu rakheya fast” & others.

This video was not shot by Velly from VR Creative Films who was doing the video work for almost every of Tony’s track. This time he decided to go with Romi Kahlon (The Visual Team) who gave this piece a different feel. If you’ve been a follower of Tony’s music videos from his earlier days, you know this video is like them. From shooting scenes at the places where they hangout to taking shots at his home, this is all about Sikander Kahlon. The feel of this video is definitely underground because it features no fancy cars, no high end Vfxs or a hot looking model.

Listen to Sikander Kahlon’s ‘Ooouu (Remix)’ here :