Significance Of Brooklyn In Hip-Hop

In the summer of 2012 I was fortunate enough to be a part of a student summer internship which took me to US. I was further fortunate enough to spend a weekend in Brooklyn and it was mesmerizing, believe me. Every upcoming or established rappers who reads this should definitely put visiting Brooklyn on their Bucket-List.


The gang culture is still prevalent in and around Bronx, so one has to be a little careful about where to go and who to interact with. A visit to Southern part of Brooklyn will impart a sense of ‘I belong here‘ in any avid Hip-Hop enthusiast, broadly encompassing the listener as well as the artist. Although I was told not to venture out but someone recommended me to check out Prospect Avenue near 163rd Street which was the home of some of the craziest jam sessions since the time of DJ Kool Herc.


The walls are adorned in Graffiti and you can spot Notorious BIG on several walls, some of the graffiti pieces will make you realize how pure hip-hop was when it started here. If you are lucky enough you might even get to see an artist in work maybe cyphering or tagging a wall, however I was not that lucky but have been told by a few that a lot of the current day favorites such as Lloyd Banks have been part of cyphers and battles which took place on random corners and parking lots.


The city along with being the birthplace of Hip-Hop is also responsible for some of the best rappers ever seen and the list is endless. I can spend days just listening to Notorious BIG, Jay Z, Nas, 50 Cent (primarily ‘Get Rich or Die Trying‘), Wu Tang clan…….as I said the list is endless. The city literally breath hip-hop in every nook and corner. As I said it in the beginning a Hip-Hop enthusiast should definitely put a trip to Brooklyn on his bucket list.