A Sign Of Success, Raftaar Buys A New Car

Raftaar recently took to social media to share the news about his brand new car. Marking it a very big day for his family Raftaar bought the brand new, very expensive, Mercedes 2017 S-Class. Thanking his fans for all the support, Raftaar had this to say in his Instagram post.


Thanking Ankit Khanna and Manj Musik for making Raftaar a success he had this to say.

“Look at what you made out of my life. I owe you forever.”

In anticipation of the news, Raftaar also dedicated a post to his fans thanking them for their immense support.

:) :) :) Thank You.

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Some of his fans had this to say with context to the recent purchase of the luxurious car.

“The King deserves everything and every Happiness in the world, You are the King Raftaar Sir”-Raqhav (A dedicated fan on instagram)
“Sir this is all your hardwork and talent , thanks for blessing us with beautiful music” – Shan ( A dedicated fan on facebook)

I could go on with the fan messages but this truly is a sign of success for the rapper and a sign of evolution for Raftaar. Judging by the expense choice for his vehicle he does have a good taste in cars.

Check out his previous whip,

This indeed is a big day for Raftaar and his family.