The Siege Takes A Leap In Conscious Rap

The Siege is all set to release the music video of “Kalam“. This was written almost a year ago but somehow is still relevant. This is what the truth is and what the government doesn’t want you to know. In “Kalam”, The Siege also talks about his daily struggle. From getting burdened under responsibilities to contemplating over the youth’s habit, this song talks about all of it.

the siege
Intense level of lyricism and the power of words will be displayed in this track. We’ve heard a pre-release version and it was amazing. Indian hip-hop needs more of conscious rap. As a matter of fact, the latest trends have occupied most of the market with all the rappers jumping on the same bandwagon. Unfortunately, talking about parties and booze has become mainstream.

In addition to the track itself, the video for the “Kalam” is produced and directed by Rahul Chavan. He is the perfect choice for the visuals of this impact leaving song.

the siege kalam shot

Keep a close eye on this space for further details of the video release.