Video Premiere – Sick Flow | Artist Deep x Shah


The North side is currently undergoing a movement shift and this might be the for the first time that I am seeing so much activity in the North in terms of releases, videos and new music in general. The music coming out seems to be increasing in quality and among those kick ass release is Sick Flow by Artist Deep and Shah.


I had not heard about both of them before but they have managed to make quite the impression with their track ‘Sick Flow‘. To start with the title of the track is justified with the type of flows both have busted in the track and it is good to see the type of syllable schemes they have tried to use in their music.

It is always brave to keep trying new things while trying to build yourself as an artist and it is only then when you will find your niche. Deep and Shah have similar flows but the type of variety in their contrasting delivery keeps the listener entertained and hooks them to the track.

The track follows the grounds of the elementary concepts of hip-hip which include braggadocio and boasting which is important for a rappers street credibility and help him in increasing his awareness, its the hip hop way no…?

The track comes along with a very simple but effective video. Off lately, I have been coming across a lot of work which include sick visuals and wicked VFX but the track is horrible to the point that I wish I never heard it in the first place. But don’t worry though, ‘Sick Flow‘ does not fall in that category it in fact could be used as a benchmark for those artist who end up compromising on the quality of the track.

Check out the music video right here: