“While Shooting “Sunno”, My Camera Got Dead Because Of The Heat.” Shot By Inflict | Exclusive Interview


Prakarsh Tewari aka ShotByInflict gets chatty about the launch of his website. The DJ turned rapper turned director has left his impact on the hip-hop scene since five years now. Inflict has shot over 60 music videos with artists like KRSNA, Prabh Deep and Seedhe Maut to name a few. We got into a deep conversation with this pool of talent to know more about him!

Dee MC: Define ShotByInflict For Someone Unfamiliar With Your Work.

Prakarsh: Okay. So Shot By Inflict is an entity which took birth when people were unable to pronounce my real name i.e Prakarsh fluently. They mostly confused it with Prakash which caused me a lot of trouble to create a brand name. It was December 2014 when I decided that I should be working with a pseudo name. In order to create a brand name for myself which was easily accessible. So “Shot By Inflict” is a Delhi based music video director who mostly works for the hip-hop industry. I started my journey as a DJ by producing beats in the past, rapping and then
finally getting into video production. In the career of 5 years, I was able to direct more than 60 music videos for different underground and mainstream artists. Some of the underground tracks blew up and went mainstream and got a pretty good response.

Dee MC: How Did You Get Into The Hip-Hop Scene?

Prakarsh: I guess the major influence for me was my brother. He was the one because of whom I got introduced to Western music and I guess it was the year 2000 when I heard Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears. I started developing interest in music and it was 2003 when I got introduced to Eminem, Snoop Dogg and Linkin Park and started listening to hip-hop. By the time it was 2008 I was all into music and in 2009 I started trying my hands on production. It was then when I formed Purple Sparks Production and got in touch with different musicians and eventually developed an interest in making beats and remixing tracks. It was 2011 or 2012 I guess when I met Yungsta and got introduced to his music. We started working together and made a couple of tracks together. The biggest problem we were facing were videos. It was then when I decided I should try my hands on videos. So, that is what I did!

Dee MC: From An Amateur To A Professional, What Was The Whole Journey Like?

Prakarsh: I’ll be really honest. The first few videos were terrible because of the quality and the edit. But at some point, I realised this is what I want to do in my life. This is what I am made for. So, I started learning more and more about film making and how to shoot and edit. Techniques of camera movements, types of lenses, equipment, DIY tutorials in short everything related to film-making. I came into hip-hop scene because of my love for hip-hop music. I enjoyed it the most and there were very few people who were making videos back then for the respective field.

Dee MC: Recall Some Of Your Fondest Memories With Artists From The Shoot.

Prakarsh: Well, for me each and every video shoot I have done is a memory. Some are very beautiful are not. I remember while shooting “Sunno“, my camera got dead because of the heat. I had to get it repaired later which was very expensive. On the other hand, shoots like “Vyanjan” were very very smooth because we were able to shoot it within 3 hours and release the project within a week of its shoot. Every music video is a new experience because each and every artist I work with is different. I get to learn so much from every project. No matter if its Krsna, Raga, Yungsta, Seedhe Maut, Prabhdeep, Lakshya, Rachit or anybody else, each and every artist is different and each and everyone of them hold a different style of their own which makes them unique. But I hold most of my memories with Yungsta because we eventually started our career together and we have shot music videos in situations where I don’t think people could even dream of shooting.
inflict yungsta seedhe maut prabhdeep naezy

Inflict With Naezy, Prabhdeep, Yungsta And Seedhe Maut

Dee MC: What Is Your Website All About?

Prakarsh: Inflict.in holds all the information related to me – the videos I’ve done, music videos, short films, the teams I have worked with. Making access to my work easy and simple with just one click. For people who would like to contact our team for work related questions could drop a message directly from the website.

We checked the website out and it looks stylish! It’s simple but effective in doing its job, which is engaging the audience. Take a look at Inflict’s new website below and don’t forget to drop a message to get a sick music video made!