Some Shocking Facts About Bohemia


Everyone knows this name Bohemia. He is the pioneer of Punjabi rap. Actually, Bohemia is the one who introduced Punjabi rap in the industry. Bohemia is a songwriter, poet and record producer and likes to produce all of his tracks. His recent album was “Skulls & Bones” which was released through the leading music company of India, T-series. In each track, there is a hidden truth which Bohemia likes to talk about. Many of his tracks actually give inspiration to a lot of youngsters as well.

In addition to that, there are some least known and shocking facts you should know about Bohemia:

1. He is not a rapper. He calls himself a poet.

2. He is not from Punjab. He was born in Karachi to a Punjabi- Christian family.

3. His mother passed way when Bohemia was just 14 years old.

4. After his mother’s demise, his family moved to California.

5. He learned Punjabi while he was living with Punjabi’s families in the foreign land.

Bohemia Skull & Bones Image

6. He is a huge fan of the legend Gurdas Maan.

7. In his struggling days, he had to struggle to buy food. So, he used to eat chewing gums.

8. Devastated by the loss of his friend and heavily influenced by his friends in Oakland, he began to lose focus on his music and eventually indulge in heavy drugs, crime, and women.

9. His independent debut album reached the Top 10 on BBC Radio UK in 2002.

10. His album “Pesa Nasha Pyar” became the first full-length Punjabi rap album released by a major label.

11.  In 2006, “Pesa Nasha Pyar” was on the Top 10 downloads of “Maxim” and was No. 3 on Planet M Charts India.

12. “Da Rap Star”, Bohemia’s third album, received four nominations at the UK Asian Music Awards and PTC Punjabi music awards.

13.”Pesa Nasha Pyar” remained at No. 1 on Planet M charts for several weeks.

14. Bohemia did two tracks for Akshay Kumar. The movies “Chandi Chowk To China” and “8 x 10 Tasveer” features his music.

15. In 2011, Bohemia gave a song as a present to Akshay Kumar for his first Hollywood production, “Breakaway”, to show his love and respect towards the actor.

Bohemia Twitter Image

16. Bohemia also featured on a track with Mika Singh. Desi Boyz’s track “Subha Hone Na De” featured Bohemia on it.

17. Bohemia won the Best Non-Resident Punjabi Album award for his album “Thousand Thoughts” at PTC Punjabi Music Awards.

18. Bohemia was the first rap artist who appeared on the fifth season of Coke Studio.

 19. Bohemia also recorded a collaboration with Sonu Kakkar and Jamaican-American artist Sean Kingston.

20. He got married in 2015 to Sunny David.

21. Bohemia also appeared in XXL magazine in New York.

22. He shares a very good bond with Gitta Bains, Haji Springer and J.Hind.

23. Bohemia has launched his record label  “Kali Denali Music”.

24. Currently, Bohemia is signed to T-series.

25. His recent album  “Skull & Bones: The Final Chapter” was on the number one spot on iTunes.

These are some facts which we would like to share about Bohemia. We wish all the luck to Bohemia.