Shinji Releases A Free To Use Beat Tape For All Rappers


Pranay Pawar is a young producer from Bombay in the Desi Hip-Hop scene who goes by his alias Shinji. His beats give you the perfect chill and soulful vibe. His most recent work is a collaboration with Tadpatri Talkies where he produced Gari-B‘s debut track “Gari-B Ki Kahaani” which took the hip-hop scene by storm and left all of us cracking up with laughter.

Shinji’s first beat tape consists of 6 soulful beats that will surely give you a perfect chill vibe and rappers could use these beats for free.

“The reason I worked on this tape is that first, it’s going to be my debut tape and second, there are many rappers out there who probably can’t afford to buy Beats at the moment but have mad skills and so that they can use my beats and spit out what shit they have. This is the reason I’ve been also dropping some free to use beats on Youtube channel. Y’all can check it out. The channel’s name is ‘ Producer State Of Mind.” 

Shinji hopes to get the recognition and respect that he deserves through this tape as he is one producer the Desi Hip-Hop scene have an eye on. The whole goal behind the tape is for all the people to lose themselves in the vibes of soulful instrumental.

“The goal behind this tape is for people to use it. Get lost in the vibes and also put me in the conversation.”

Calling it an ‘Experimental Tape’. Shinji used a couple of same synths to create different vibes and he achieved his vision perfectly. There are plenty more beats for rappers to use on Shinji’s official Youtube channel.