Shia LaBeouf kills the “5 Fingers of Death” Freestyle


Tupac, Biggie and Missy” is what Shia LaBeouf said when asked who all he listens to and has tattoos off on his body. No one would have thought the type of damage done by Shia on the microphone is possible. Shia LaBeouf who is regarded as one of the best Hollywood actors of his generation can also rap, in fact, he can rap better than a lot of rappers out there.


5 fingers of death‘ is a segment which invites rappers to rap over 5 different beats. Although many gone ahead to kill it many have also been a huge disappointment revealing that they are only studio performers. Shia LaBeouf goes in full ballistic and starts off by saying, “Get ready, get set, this a meme, this is wild, this is a childhood dream” and he does not look back even for a second. His flow is on point, bars are hard and witty and he draws some magnificent comparisons.

Shia claims to be a hardcore Tech N9ne fan and also an old school head. After the 5 fingers of death are over, Sway pulls off his trademark move and calls him a Hyena. He mentions that he is seen a lot of emcees who ACT as rappers but for once he saw an actor who can rap.

By the looks of it, it seems he might have come prepared for this segment but regardless he kills it. Would it be wrong to see him on a track maybe sometime in the future ?