Shekhar B Carter Dedicates His Track “Mera Sheher” To His City!


Shekhar B Carter is a Kolhapur-based hip-hop artist. Recently, he dropped his new anthem for his city Kolhapur. He entitled the track as “Mera Sheher” which was composed and produced by him. Rohan Kulkarni did the post production for the track. Pratik Pathak and Abhi Hajare shot the video and Aditya Wable did the editing for the same.

It’s his 4th song for his city Kolhapur. With the texture of a pahadi voice and ghati attitude, the hook sounds catchy. He shot the video in the narrow gullies of Kolhapur to induce a raw vibe in it. Shekhar B Carter promises that every line in this song is about his city Kolhapur.

Carter has been in this game for a quite long time. He is now getting better with his flow and lyrics. Carter can spit in 3 different languages English, Marathi, Hindi which makes him unique from the other underground rappers in the game. You can tell us what you like about the track in the comment section as well.

To find out more about the track, you can stream “Mera Sheher” below.