Shan Krozy Murdered The Beat In His Latest Freeverse!

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Alex Heyden, professionally known by his stage name Shan Krozy, is a Delhi-based hip-hop artist. Shan Krozy is a member of Delhi’s finest hip-hop crew called Khatranaak Hip-hop Collective alongside Sun J, CrostJinn, Tapas, Cecilia. Ashu Demon, Som Mak10, and Milan as breakers, and Sushanto as a popper. He joined this crew in the end of 2016. By far, Shan Krozy has done three tracks with them “Never Be The Same”, “Freestyle Friday” and “Chillin Wala Scene”.

Shan Krozy dropped his schooling in 2012. He released his first track called “New Rap Star” in 2014. He introduced himself to rap music by spitting Eminem and Wiz Khalifa’s rhymes amongst his classmates. His classmates encouraged him and told him that he should try this once. After that, he started taking music seriously. He was highly influenced by the hip-hop culture. Shan Krozy liked the way how rappers put out their feelings on a beat.

In the year 2015, Shan Krozy met Crost. Crost saw his potential and invited him for doing shows in local clubs and house parties alongside him. This guy has a great talent. He can murder a beat anytime. I have seen him perform live and trust me he is very good at his art. This is his first free verse representing Khatranaak Hip-hop Collective.

He has got bars and owns a nice sense of flow. This is how you should film your free verse by the way. We hope you will enjoy this free verse too. Leave your reactions in the comment section.

Stream Shan Krozy’s Freeverse Here: