‘Shabdaan Da Bhuchhaal’ By Laddu G And Harsh Is Literally Going To Be A Ground-Breaker!

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Delhi-based rappers Laddu G and Harsh have been getting quite a recognition in the desi underground hip-hop scene. Laddu G, in particular, has been in the game from an impressive time now. He has worked with renowned Punjabi singer Mika Singh before. Harsh, on the other hand, has done a few tracks recently and has left his mark already. He picked up the pen in 2009 but earned his share of respect in the recent past. Tracks like ‘Susti‘ had his spot along with eminent artists, Puneet Kohli and Marshal The III. They both earned their respective slots on JC Sona‘s remix of ‘Susti’ and ‘Intro‘. One hell of an achievement, right?

Laddu G and Harsh are coming back together once again for their forthcoming release ‘Shabdaan Da Bhuchhaal‘. DesiHipHop.com is exclusively releasing this track on June 9, 2017 to push the single. As the name suggests, track is all about wordplay and punchlines with some really august flow switches. Since Laddy G and Harsh are coming back together after a span of two months, the hype should be real. Laddu G’s primary strength is wordplay based on atypical rhyme schemes. On the other hand, Harsh is known for creating punchlines with lucid references.

In my last conversation with Harsh, I asked him about the concept of the track. He suggested: “This track is a straight forward answer to every rapper who brags about his or her imaginary world in which he they’re the king. Almost every rapper nowadays rhymes about his so called imaginary haters and thug type lifestyle which is just an hypothetical situation. It is not real. The punches are kept funny and healthily sarcastic.”

We’re pretty confident about ‘Shabdaan Da Bhuchhaal’ as the level of expectations that Laddu G and Harsh have set is magnificent. Spaceship Beats’ involved in the track is another important and positive thing for the track.

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