Here’s The Complete Track List Of Seedhe Maut’s Mixtape, “2 Ka Pahada”!

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Delhi’s hottest duo, Seedhe Maut, is all set to release their first mixtape “2 ka Pahada” on this 20 May. Recently, Seedhe Maut announced the release date with the complete track list. From past two years, Encore ABJ and Calm have heated up the Delhi hip-hop scene as well as the Indian rap scene. With their dope flow and amazing rhymes, Seedhe Maut has become everyone’s favorite. When I heard “That Part Remix”, I knew that this is just the start of their respective careers and they are going to contribute a number of good new hip hop music to Indian rap scene.

From battling to rapping, these boys have represented Delhi in such a way that Delhi is considered as a tough contender now. This mixtape has 7 tracks including two already released tracks, “Seedhe Maut Anthem” and “ClassSikh Maut”and some new hip hop music in addition.

When I spoke to Encore ABJ, he said: “This mixtape contains some of the most intense and lyrical content I’ve ever penned down. It’s special for both me and calm because it’s a landmark from where we started and where we are at now”.

We all are waiting for the official release of this mixtape. If you guys want to listen to it first, then pre-order the mixtape. You can order your hard copy of “2 Ka Pahada” for 250 INR only. Inbox Seedhe Maut, EncoreABJ or Calm to order.

Support your local artist. Buy good music and stop piracy. By doing this, you can show your love and respect towards the artists involved in this mixtape. They have done a lot of hard work and it’s time to show them that we love Seedhe Maut.