Seedhe Maut, Yungsta, ARaw And D-Cypher Will Rock This Delhi College Tomorrow!

A brigade of underground artists is going to be performing tomorrow at Mecca fest of Hindu College in Delhi. It’s a showcase of college students who are into hip-hop, which means the roof is bound to set on fire. Students of Hindu college are not ready for the wave of heat coming their way in this 40 minutes set tomorrow!

Rap duo Seedhe Maut consisting of rappers Encore A.B.J. and MC Calm will be performing at the showcase. Rappers Yungsta and ARaw (earlier known as Frappe Ash) will also be dropping killer verses. Mumbai beat-boxer Gaurav Gambhir a.k.a. D-Cypher is set to host the showcase and is already on his way to Delhi.

Encore ABJ and Calm

It is certainly refreshing to see these young’ uns getting recognition in their city. Seedhe Maut have started their 2017 by performing in places like Mumbai and Chandigarh. Now the duo is set to rock their own city, which is going to be a different vibe altogether! Yungsta and ARaw, on the other hand, are already popular faces in Delhi and have a strong following of youngsters, mostly college-goers.

yungsta araw

Hindu College‘s hip-hop showcase has brought beat-boxer D-Cypher all the way from Mumbai for the Delhi audience. D-Cypher is one of the most consistent beat-boxer in the Bay scene. From beatbox battles to live cyphers, he has done it all! It would be killer to see the rappers freestyling on his amazing beatboxing tomorrow.

d cypher beatboxer gaurav gambhir

This hip-hop showcase is being organised by who have earlier conducted similar events in Mumbai. Rapper Enkore has been closely associated with the team that has been pushing hip-hop at the grass root levels in colleges. This is the first time has organised a talent showcase in Delhi city. We’re sure the students are going to have a blast at the Mecca fest of Hindu College tomorrow.

We got in touch with Enkore who gave his insight about the showcase, “It’s dope to see guys like Seedhe Maut, Yungsta Araw holdin it down, balancing out the pressures of academics and their artistic aspirations. As – and personally too obviously – we really believe in these guys and it makes me really glad to be able to contribute to their journey in this way.”


He further added “ have always supported college students who pursue hip-hop, such including artists like Sai and Siege as Mumbai rappers and Vibe, Ishan Nangia, Nilay etc. as beatboxers across India and countless dancers. We will continue to do so, but for now I can’t wait for the Talent Tent to whoop some serious ass tomorrow!

Who all are up to see them perform tomorrow? Delhi fam better show up!