Seedhe Maut – THat Part (Remix)


Seedhe Maut are a duo which consists of Encore ABJ‘ & ‘Calm, both who are from Delhi. They have been making some noise in the underground scene for a while now and everyone was looking for them to release something under their new brand moniker ‘Seedhe Maut’.

The duo has released a remix of THat Part originally performed and recorded by SchoolBoyQ Ft. Kanye West. They said this is just the trailer of what’s to come and they both did a really great job in this remix and it is already picking up traction on facebook with over 100+ shares and 5,000+ views overnight, which is a big achievement for an underground artist.

seedhe maut that part

Seedhe Maut are planning to release their official Anthem ‘Seedhe Maut‘ really soon, they have not yet disclosed any official dates for the launch as yet. We have seen Encore ABJ from his early days when he started rapping and he has improved a lot since then. His Hindi lyrical skills are so sick that I can see him competing with some of the biggest rappers in the industry. Calm has his own unique style and he has been following this from the start. Every underground artist is liking their newly released track ‘THat Part‘ as they have impressed everyone with their skills.

Music Video of the song was shot by Inflict and he has done a marvellous job with it. Check out the music video below on Youtube and drop your feedback.