Seedhe Maut Drop Their Much Awaited Anthem

Desi Hip Hop Underground at its finest, Calm and Encore ABJ a.k.a Seedhe Maut dropped a game changer and the whole underground is vibin’ to it. The ‘Seedhe Maut Anthem‘ is a mix of dope lyricism, smooth flow and hardcore vibes. Definitely one of the most hyped and anticipated videos of 2016… er…2017 . The beat  is a classic for sure, and a banger with amazing switches props to Sez for the as usual, dope production.

Shot by Inflict, I can’t stress on how well the whole project comes together. I can only imagine what the editor had to go through. The video is a dope masterpiece for sure and brought lit vibes. With amazing angles and moving shots this is underground at its finest.

Watch The Video Here :

The vocals are tight and the flow can’t get better than this. Every bar from this project is worth quoting. This is pure raw lyricism and a mix between Hindi and English is a delight. Definitely a hard project and worth the hype it created. Calm in this adapted to the beat switch perfectly. This is Delhi Underground repping real hip-hop.

This is a must hear for everyone who loves Hip-Hop. This is one drop that is going to change the game for sure. This is Delhi at its best,Underground at it’s finest and Hip-Hop wins.

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