They See League : Pushing Battle Rap Culture In Pakistan



I recently interviewed Xpolymer Dar co-founder of ‘They See Battle League’ ,  this league is pushing battle rap culture to the max in Pakistan. With more than 4000 subscribers this battle league has some classic match ups like Rap Demon vs Raamis and Xpolymer Dar vs Deikilluminati. Check out some of the questions I asked Xpolymer dar below.

Q1) How did this league came about?

Me and Aboo Dean (co-founder) are hardcore battle rap fans since the early days of acapella era of battle rap. We were so passionate about it that we kept battling each other back in university days along with other Rap Engineers members and kept polishing our skills. The idea of running battles was always our core motivation as a hip hop head. One fine day a rapper approached me about his problem with another rapper and was looking forward to settle things physically. It was at that moment I pitched him the idea of battle and to settle a beef based on skill through skill. Therefore, we gave birth to They-See Battle League, a battle rap platform for all desi rappers.


Q2) What are the constraints you faced when creating this ? How did you over come the same?

The only major constraint has been misconception of battle rap. Majority still thinks that two rappers can only go at each other if they have beef. Battle rap is not a match of egos, it’s a match of skills. Of course some beef is always good to spice things up but that should never be the core reason for two skilled performers to compete. We are trying to overcome this constraint by setting up battles between rappers who do not have any conflict and now they are bound to beat each other by pure display of skills. One other constraint has been finances and sponsorships. So far, it’s just me and Aboo Dean working out of our pockets.

Q3) Which battle is your most celebrated?

Raamis vs Rap Demon is the most viewed battle because of its back and forth nature. It’s a perfect example of a style clash and also how live aura can be so different as compared to watching it on cam.

Q4) What is your overall goal?

Overall goal is that all desi rappers should push their pen game, grow out of egos, compete on skills only, work together and give back to the culture. They-See has also introduced the monetary value for rappers and is getting them paid for their hustle. One short step at a time.

Q5) When is your next event?

In a few weeks Dangal returns with rap battles along with beat box and bboy battles this time. All these battles will be backed by two cyphers and two surprise performances from the mainstream. This will be big. InshaAllah.

Watch their battlers here.