See Fan’s Reaction On Bohemia’s New Release “Purana Wala”

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With back to back releases, Bohemia has created a stir in the industry. Recently, Bohemia collaborated with MTV Spoken Word 2 for “Purana Wala”. This track also features J.Hind. Shaxe Oriah did the cameo in the video and after a long span, Bohemia and J have done a track together.

Bohemia himself created the music for “Purana Wala”. J.Hind directed the video while Kerry Porter did the editing for “Purana Wala”. J-Statik did the post production for “Purana Wala”. Apart from “Purana Wala”, J.Hind has directed the video for “Meri Jeet” as well.

As a matter of fact, this track brings back the hottest duo in the desi rap scene. We as a fan waited so long for Bohemia and J.Hind to release one single track. This reminds me of classic tracks done by both of them. Bohemia shuts the faces of critics who said that he is not doing good tracks anymore.

In addition to “Purana Wala”, Bohemia said that “Is it the hook? the beat? or the videos? No. It’s actually about the journey. You see, my fans & I, we grew up together. It’s our life story!”

This Is How Fan’s Reacted To “Purana Wala” By Bohemia And J.Hind:


While I take a nap…'Purana Wala' Music Video with J.hind for MTV India Spoken Word 2 Now Playing:Music Video Link:

Posted by BOHEMIA the punjabi rapper on Thursday, May 11, 2017


Fans loved the whole vibe of the track. They have gone mad after listening to “Purana Wala”. If you still not heard “Purana Wala”, then you can stream the track by clicking the link mentioned below. You just need to comment on this post and tell us how you feel about the track.

Enjoy “Purana Wala” Here: