They-See Battle League Announced Their Expansion!

One of the major battle leagues in the Desi Hip-Hop culture just announced their expansion to new cities. They-See Battle League, based out of Pakistan, is quickly growing into the hub for Battle Rap in Asia. With it’s new updates, it surely seems they are on their way. On their Facebook page, they asked their fans for their recommendations for the cities they would like to see the league operate in. The league is expanding into new cities by creating divisions in Lahore and Karachi.

Name the cities that have active hip hop community. And who should be representing TSBL in those cities. Lets branch out and push the culture together.

Posted by They-See Battle League on Thursday, May 25, 2017

“Since our first event in Islamabad, Pakistan, there has been a buzz and we get a lot of feedback from other cities that they want such events there. I was seeing this expansion coming since long and in initial interviews I had mentioned that I see TSBL growing international. Setting up matches in UAE where Indian and Pakistani battle rappers can meet and also compete with mainstream rappers. Its a vision, a dream and these are baby steps towards that. Right now we have Raamis and M Zhe who already have battled in TSBL holding the Lahore division. Extremely humble and passionate guys and I have complete faith in them.

Then, we have Hashim Ishaq aka Big H holding Karachi’s division. He is young, he is hungry, he freestyles and is extremely passionate about battle rap. There might be other or bigger names in both cities but i made these choices based on their affiliation with battle rap and battle rap knowledge and its the only thing that matters to me.”
– They See Battle League 


TSBL has a Karachi division now and its led by one of the emcee Hashim Ishaq aka Big H If you are from K-Town and want to join the team and spread the culture, get in contact with Big H.

TSBL has a Lahore division now and its led by the battle rap legends RAAMIS and M.ZHE ! If you are from Lahore and want to join the team and spread the culture, get in contact with them.

“I’m already hearing noises from Gujarat, Quetta and Faislabad to get their own divisions. Lets see what time has in store. However, right now, the new team is focused on setting up matches and events so TSBL can start putting out quality content as soon as possible. The fans are hungry.” – Xpolymer Dar

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