#SanReview| Here’s Why Guwahati’s Rocky Glock Calls Himself ‘Jaahil’


Rocky Glock is a Guwahati based rapper, singer, songwriter and producer. His style is a bit different from others as he likes to involve melodies in his tracks by incorporating singing with rapping. Started off as a casual rapper, Rocky gradually became serious and in 2015 he released his first mixtape ‘Rockywood‘. He finally made his mind when he dropped ‘Young Thrilled Desi‘ in 2016 and decided that this is what he wants to do. He is one of the founding members of fusion-rap crew ‘Rain In Sahara‘.

Rocky Glock

Rocky Glock released ‘Jaahil‘ which is an autotune-driven track with some impressive chilling vibes in it. Continuos switches between rap vocals and melodies make this track sound even better. The best part about it is that it’s not based on a particular theme. I liked the way he connects the hook with the closing lines on the second verse after spitting “Fake, fake, fake banda die, real bande mere sath baith ke piyein wine”. 

‘Jaahil’ is mixed wisely with smooth backing vocals and almost inaudible ad-libs. Basshole produced this track for Rocky and you’ll understand why this instrumental sounds good with his vocals. This project was produced by his team ‘YaaraDaCrew‘ and A.Void chopped and edited the footages.

In my conversation with him, he said,

“It’s a tale about me finding solace in loneliness. The second verse is a little experimental while the hook is basically a motivation for myself to do what I love the way I love it. It’s about being a misfit and being okay with it. That’s what being  ‘Jaahil’ is”.

Watch ‘Jaahil’ by Rocky Glock here: