San Cha Pays Tribute To His Long Gone Friend In “Gone, Not Forgotten”

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Sankalp Chaturvedi aka San Cha is back with his another record “Gone, Not Forgotten“. Schnod, his favorite Youtube music producer, created the instrumental for “Gone, Not Forgotten”. Mustafa Qadri Designs has done the visuals for the track. San Cha did the post production for “Gone, Not Forgotten”. If you follow San Cha’s music, you know the fact that each record of him has a story in it. He is getting better with every release of his and I’m sure that he is going to be huge one day.

In “Gone, Not Forgotten”, San Cha talks about his closest friend’s sudden demise. As the track proceeds, San Cha tries to explain the story by mentioning a series of events that took place in a chronological order. “Gone, Not Forgotten” depicts each and every event that occurred during that time. I have experienced that phase with him as he is one of my closest friends and fellow artist. It was a very difficult phase of his life. I know how it feels to loose a friend who is more than a brother to you.

If you have a similar story, then you must listen to this record. I’m sure no one takes place of his friend but we assure him that we are with him.

Stream “Gone, Not Forgotten” Here: