Saint Soldier Releases New Single “Death Around The Corner”


After his recent win at the first Fraser Valley Music Awards (FVMA’S) in Abbotsford, Saint Soldier releases his second single from his forthcoming album “Duality” where he has teamed up with California-based music producer Happy D Productions.


Death around the corner‘ was written specifically as a Punjabi rap song in an effort to address the Indian communities over-ambitious desire for money and respect. Within the lyrics, Saint Soldier reminds the listeners of the message passed down by the Saint’s and Guru’s who advise us to live in the remembrance of death and detach from the illusion. By living this way, we begin to realise the value of time, and how it should be spent in self-reflection and actualization, and that this is the true wealth.

‘Death Around The Corner’ is currently available on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play. Look out for the release of Saint Soldier’s second studio album “Duality” online and in stores in the near future.

Shot by: Ravi Gill
Video Edit: Paul Alamwala

Lyrics/ Vocals: Saint Soldier
Music Production: Happy D Productions
Mixing & Mastering: Dj Hark