Russ Goes Gold With, ‘What They Want’

Russ is easily one of the freshest artists in the American Hip-Hop scene to emerge in the past few months. I am willing to place my bet on this 24-year-old that he is on his way to stardom.


He recently received his first plaque for, ‘What they want’ as it went gold by selling 500,000 units. He just got signed to Columbia records for his future albums but in his case, he did not approach the label, it was the label which approached him. His Soundcloud page has garnered over 40 million listens since its inception in 2014. The labels saw the type of buzz he has created in 2016 and started knocking on his door. He is easily one of the fastest growing artists in the last year and his global fan base is highly accountable for that.

‘What they want’ has been produced, mixed, mastered, engineered and written by him. There is not a shadow of a doubt that this guy is a talented genius but also knows exactly what he wants and how to approach it. He has built up his audience slowly from ground zero and knows that people now want his music. In a genre which has talented artists coming out by the kilos by the end of every day, what sets apart one rapper from the other is the strategy which he employs in order to get heard and Russ is a perfect example of how to approach music.

Russ expressed his joy on Facebook along with the following post and photo:


What They Want went gold. 500,000 sold. Speechless. First plaque. Made this shit in a basement on my laptop. Produced, mixed, mastered, engineered, written 100% by me. No samples. First of many plaques cuz I got the best fanbase in the world. This is for anyone who doubted, anyone who hated, anyone who counted me out, anyone who looked down on me…all y’all….


Thank you to the fans