Rush Toor And Guru Lahori Telling Y’all To ‘Humble Up’


They had been teasing the fans for the past few days and weeks with posters and posts but the wait is finally over. Guru Lahori and Rush Toor from the all the star crew ‘BEG’ bring in some major heat ‘Humble Up‘. One among the few torch bearers of Desi Hip-hop from North America are back and with a dope joint.


It is good to see New School Hip-Hop being pursued properly. This is a fairly different vibe from their previous releases ‘Legend’. Rush Toor kicks off the track with a laid back verses and witty punches one of them referring to his mom using a soap to clean his foul mouth. The hook lines are perhaps one of the most popular Tupac Shakur lines from Hail Mary :

I ain’t a killer but don’t push me,
Revenge is the sweetest joy next to getting pussy

Rush also fluctuates between English and Punjabi but for most of the tracks spits wicked stuff in English. When it comes to Punjabi you know that Guru Lahori will go in ham and he goes in full ham. His voice textures pours emphasis over his brags and his delivery brings out the best in his content. There are several distinct nuances which make Guru Lahori an incredible rapper and shall become a force to be dealt with in the time to come. The production of the track is killer and the gloomy elements used are the reason for edgy sound and help in illuminating what the rapper is saying.

The track comes along with a killer video. It is very simple but fruitful. Clean cuts and edits have been used to show how Rush and Guru have been chilling and killing time. You got to check out the video right here :