“We Rollin Up” Is All About Punches And Flow


These 3 artists wanted to uplift the hip-hop scene up by their new release “We Rollin Up”. While RahMaan is giving strong vibes on the hook, Shivi Kashyap is spitting his best Punjabi verse on the other hand. Jeff Sahil left his mark with bars on this track.

Significant lyrics from Shivi Kashyap’s verse:

“Rapper kine sare adhe hege fake fake fake,
Smoke kara flow hova na mai kde bake bake bake,
Top gear mara na mai brake,
Dhood pat da mai java mar jange sare dekh dekh”

RahMaan, on the other hand, did the hook for ‘We Rollin Up’ and changed the dimensions of the track. They just tried to put their best on the beat of BRK and there are lots of stuff coming by this 3 artists which gonna lit the scene up.

Significant lyrics from Jeff Sahil’s verse:

“Ek-ek karke tumko dhavast karun,
Ek-ek karke rap tere nasht karun,
Muh ke alfaaz mere pade tere kaano tak,
Saali iss beat pe mai feel ab lust karun”

Listen to “We Rollin Up” by Shivi Kashyap, RahMaan and Jeff Sahil here: