Rocky Glock And Har Man’s ‘Passion’ Is Sure To Turn You Up!


Rocky Glock is a Guwahati based rapper, singer, songwriter and producer. His style is a bit different from others as he likes to involve melodies in his tracks by incorporating singing with rapping. Started off as a casual rapper, Rocky gradually became serious and in 2015 he released his first mixtape ‘Rockywood‘. He finally made his mind when he dropped ‘Young Thrilled Desi‘ in 2016 and decided that this is what he wants to do. He is one of the founding members of fusion-rap crew ‘Rain In Sahara‘.

Rocky recently released the video of ‘Passion‘ and trust us, the video lit. ‘Passion’, as the name suggests, is all about being passionate. Rocky wrote the song about the distractions that come in his journey and how he likes to avoid them. As a matter of fact, Rocky’s auto-tune driven vocals are a blessing to him. However, ‘Passion’ is new-school trap music and demands the same style of auto-tune but Rocky’s way of putting it together is divergent. Addition of Har Man on the production end took the track to a whole new level of being catchy.

‘Passion’ is the first promotional single from Rocky Glock’s EP, ‘Too Young, Too Damaged‘. A.Void and Sachin have shot a brilliant video for the track and it gels up with the track impressively.

Significant lyrics from the track:

“Na karun complaint, na karun preach kya right, kya wrong,
Sirf teen dost. Ek mic, ek beat aur ek headphone,
Uthun main jaldi, karun recording 4 in the morn,
Teri maal sunti der raat tak yaara mera song”

Watch the music video of ‘Passion’ by Rocky Glock here: