Rob C Talks About Love In His Track “Heart Ek”


Kamesh Chawla aka Rob C is a Chandigarh-based hip-hop artist. He is also the member of one of the most renowned hip-hop crews, Kala Kurta Gang. Rob C has proved that he is one of the best rappers in the game after every release. He used to rap in English initially but later switched to his mother tongue Punjabi.

“Heart Ek” is created from the point of view of a guy madly in love with a woman. He’s willing to neglect her flaws and be there for her despite all odds. Rob C also told us that “The song is inspired by some real-life incidents as well”. Perhaps he committed this track to his woman. Rob C created the instrumental and also handled the post production of this track.

Significant Lyrics From The Track:

“Tere bare socha kiwein hun main kalle, Tere bina laage na jee hun kalle.

Jadon tainu mile sige apan jhalle, Utte tu baki dunyia ve thalle”.

If you guys are in love then you should dedicate this track to your ladies.

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