The Rising Hip-Hop Dancer ‘Binay Limboo’ From Sikkim


Binay Limboo’s story is inspiring and reassuring, because he struggled and survived the struggle to pursue his dream of being a dancer. Binay has been lauded as being one of the dancing stars of Sikkim. He started dancing when he was 12 years old and even though he did not have a trainer or an instructor to guide him through his journey or teach him the basics and the fundamentals of dancing, Binay picked up those skills by watching television. His family was supportive and he was encouraged to participate in the musical shows.

Dancing, for Binay, has always been a natural extension of himself; the source and the medium channelling his happiness. With time he realised what it truly meant to him. Binay believes that each person is born with dance within but they don’t realise that every movement, every gesture and every expression in everyday life is dancing. He also feels that dance is a part of nature. The birds, animals, trees, all have a natural pace.

B.R.S.T.P Dance Crew

Binay maybe an untrained dancer but his tremendous dancing skills led him to form BRSTP, the first hip-hop dance crew from Sikkim. They gained popularity when they started participating in various state level and district level competitions. The dance crew also organised one of the first state-level dancing competitions called ‘Dextrix‘ in Namchi (Sikkim), which saw participants from Sikkim and Darjeeling.

Binay’s journey didn’t end here. After he left BRSTP in 2013, he started the ‘Beacon Dance Crew‘ with a few of his friends. The main motive behind forming the group was to inspire people around; to actually inculcate the value of movements in daily life and thus also move people towards living their life to the fullest potential.

Apart from his journey as a dancer, Binay pursues other projects in cinematography, direction and video editing. He has edited many videos and produced and directed a few music videos.