The Rise of Bhojpuri Rap

When Bollywood meets regional music, the essence is sometimes unique and exquisite. The regional music industry is vast and filled with talent. While the Tamil and Telugu industries have progressed over the last decades, the Bhojpuri industry is now on the rise and It currently valued at over 2500 crores. Bhojpuri rap also seems to be making a breakthrough. The latest on the ride is a Bhojpuri rap song by Gangster Yadav aka Chandan Rai who is swooning the music lovers.


His recent release called Gangster Yadav feat. Jadu feat. Karan Dogra is making waves and he is being touted as the next big talent in the Bhojpuri movie industry. Yadav’s debut was called Thaein Thaein Bole Riffle Se Goli brought him to notice as he garnered support from a younger audience. Yadav speaks up against songs in Bhojpuri industry that are vulgar, with the only motive being fame and money. He is one of the first to introduce Bhojpuri rap and has a group with fellow rappers called Badmaash Toli.

Born in Chapra Bihar, Yadav believes that Bhojpuri as a language is flexible and no one has ever done rap in the language which is what distinguishes him from the rest of the music. His upcoming Bhojpuri rap songs include, Aaj Fer Teri Yaad Aayi feat. Tanu, Super Bihari and Soorma.