How Did Rick Ross Actually Get Drake On ‘Aston Martin Music’?

Rick Ross, ‘Teflon Don‘ LP came out on July 20, 2010. I flipped when I heard ‘Aston Martin Music‘ which was also the highlight of the album for me. Chrisette Michele and Drake were sharing the hook and were also responsible for making the composition sound so exquisite. There is also an extended version of the track in which Drake adds a rap verse, they dropped a video for the same.

When Rick Ross was with Chrisette Michele in the studio they had a rather awkward encounter. Ross asked her to do only the first half of the chorus to which she exclaimed, “What you mean just do half of the chorus?” to which Ross replied, “Yeah, just do half. Imma save the other half”.


Rick Ross had no clue regarding who was it going to be finishing the second half of the chorus. One ordinary day he was bumping Drake’s album, it is only then when it occurred to him that he should give his homie from Toronto a call to work on the remainder of the chorus.

Drake did not hesitate to jump on the chorus and murdered the hook. Drake really wanted to put a verse on the track as well but did Ross was unsure about it and only took the hook. Once Drake heard the finished version of the track he told Ross that he is going to the studio and will be jumping on the record with a verse. A version of the song with just an extended chorus and Drake’s verse called “Paris Morton Music” came out shortly after “Aston Martin Music”. Finally one day, one of Ross’ engineers mixed Drake’s verse and extended chorus with the album version of “Aston Martin music,” and that song has lived on the Internet ever since.