Revisiting Classics #8 – Best Of Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne undoubtedly is one of the best rappers to ever hit the microphone. With a career spamming over two decades Wayne has been coined as the ‘Best Rapper Alive’ numerous times by other artists and fans all over the globe. In this article we will take a stroll down memory lane and revisit three classics which Lil Wayne did over the years. Here is my top three Lil Wayne projects:

1) Go DJ

‘Go DJ’ came from the classic Weezy album ‘Tha Carter’ and it was among the first commercial hits by the rapper. The beat produced by Lil Wayne’s crew member Mannie Fresh was one of the hardest beats of that era. This song was Lil Wayne’s most successful single till ‘Lollipop’ came out. This was indeed a start to a legendary career and the project was an outcome of his struggle in the industry and sheer talent.

2) Lollipop

This is the most successful single by Lil Wayne till date. It blasted the charts and the radio all over the United States and eventually won the Grammy Award for ‘Best Rap Song’. This track featured the vocals of the late artist Static Major and was the most bought track digitally in 2008. From the Grammy Winning album ‘ Tha Carter 3‘ this track sparked a series of remixes with the most popular being a remix with Kanye West.

3) Drop The World

Who can forget this project? The best lyricism I’ve seen Lil Wayne display was on ‘Drop The World’. From the album ‘Rebirth’, this project featured Eminem and it dominated the charts very well. Wayne and Eminem have been crowned the greatest to ever do it and this track proved why both these artists are ranked among the top musicians of all time. The track is certified 4X Platinum and was definitely the hardest drop of 2009.

These three are just my picks, what are your Top 3 Lil Wayne tracks? It’s hard to choose from the numerous albums and mixtapes Lil Wayne has done but do let us know yours in the comment section of our facebook post!