Revisiting Classics #9 – Best Of Delhi Underground

In this instalment of Revisiting Classics, we will visit three tracks done by underground artists representing Delhi. There are numerous good underground tracks but these three tracks shook the whole underground scene. Each track on this list is in my playlist among other underground drops.

1) Prabh Deep X Sez – ‘G Maane’ (Explicit)

This is what the epitome of hardcore lyricism looks like. Prabh Deep has been the heartbeat of the Delhi scene for a long time and this track is off his highly anticipated album ‘Class-Sikh’. The genius behind this heavy beat is Sez and the way Prabh captures the essence of the instrumental is amazing. This is Delhi and Hip-Hop at its best.

2) Yungsta X Raga X Encore ABJ X HindiRapSoldier X Ghauri – ‘Sunno’

Off Yungsta’s classic album ‘Rehearsal’ this track bleeds underground to its core. The all-star lineup killed the beat produced by the Pakistani heavyweight Ghauri. The lyricism displayed by each of these artists is filled with hard bars and dope punches. The flow throughout the track is commendable and amazing to vibe to. This one is definitely one of my personal favourites because of the sheer way it catches the essence of underground Hip-Hop.

3) Sukrit – ‘Kya Ye Kaafi Hai’

Sukrit is one of my favourite Hindi lyricist in the centre of the Desi Hip-Hop scenes. Each line of this project was poetic in every aspect and the entire project made the audience relate to what Sukrit wanted to convey. The flow in this project is unmatched and the way Sukrit delivers his verse is amazing. Props to the whole team behind this heavy underground drop. I definitely recommend this track to everyone who Vibes to conscious Hip-Hop.

These were my three underground picks from the capital of India. Do let us know your picks from the Delhi Underground scene in our Facebook comment section!