Revisiting Classics #6 Best Live shows

In this instalment of the series we’ll focus on three best acts who killed the live stage with their amazing performances. These live shows caused waves online and that is why they are on this list.Revisiting Classics #6

1) Tupac Hologram @ Coachella

This was nostalgic and technology at it’s peak. The audience got to witness the legend coming back digitally and killing his old tracks. Almost seemed like reality and this act influencing more holographic performances that followed on such as Easy-E and Biggie Smalls. The stage was shared by the west coast OG Snoop Dogg and the vibe was California love. This was a viral moment and definitely one of technological achievements in the music field.

Watch the performance here –


2) Kendrick Lamar @ Reebok Mobile Concert

Kendrick Lamar is one of the most innovative minds period. The conscious rapper took Hip-Hop back to the roots by collaborating with Reebok for this concert. He took Hip-Hop back to where it belonged the streets. Performing on the back of the truck while the truck drives around California. The whole of California witnessed the genius of Kendrick Lamar. The whole motive behind this concert was the get the people to jog and with Kendrick’s ecstatic performance this was definitely achieved.

Watch A Clip From The Concert Here –

3) Eminem @ MTV VMA’s

This is classic Slim Shady. This evergreen performance was terrific from the start to the end. The way Eminem controlled the crowd with his presence and his creative entrance made this performance great. He switched from Slim Shady to Eminem in a second while performing and we see the openess this great rapper showed on stage. One of the greatest performances in Eminem’s resume

Watch the performance here –

Tell me which of the above performances you liked the most and if I’m missing out on your favorite live performance. Do let us know in our facebook post.