Revisiting Classics #5 Bollywood’s Greatest


This is the first this year and the fifth instalment in the series. We’ve been taking journeys through the memory lane and this will be one of them. Let’s take a trip back when Hip Hop mixed with Bollywood. In this article, we’ll take a look at two classic soundtracks from Bollywood

1) Singh Is King – Snoop Dogg X RDB X Akshay Kumar

Revisitng Classics #5 Bollywood's Greatest

Who could forget this classic? The west coast OG trades verses on a bhangra beat in a very classic manner. The west coast flow fits perfectly in this instrumental. Also, no one can deny RDB’s chorus was one of the greatest. RDB complemented the track so well also in this track we see Akshay Kumar the Bollywood vet also displaying his flow with one short verse. This is an anthem for all the Sikh’s out there.

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2) 8×10 Tasveer – Akshay Kumar Ft Bohemia

Revisitng Classics #5 Bollywood's Greatest

Akshay Kumar hands down have been influenced by Desi Hip Hop. This is a very slept on track and is underrated. With one of the catchiest hooks ever in the Indian Hip Hop scene, Akshay Kumar also lays down his vocals for this project. Ask yourself this What Desi Hip Hop list is complete without the Vet Bohemia and Bohemia proved his versatility with this track.

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3) Jugni From Oye Lucky Lucky Oye

Revisitng Classics #5 Bollywood's Greatest

Until this day I’ve been through the internet the find, the contributing artists and I came close to Des Raj Lachkani and Akshay Verma. This is again very underrated. The unorthodox verse is addicting very addicting. The bhangra centred beat has an amazing base and is lovely to hear. The Chorus and the bridge are amazing and well complemented by the different pitch of the singer. This is a very relatable track and is an amazing project to bump

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Am I missing out? Do comment down on our facebook post. Also, what do you want the next instalment of revisiting classics to be.