Revisiting Classics #4 : Another One

DJ Khaled has been giving us ‘Another One‘ since 1998. DJ Khaled has been on the scene for nearly two decades now. This installment will feature three tracks from Khaled’s albums. Also here is a fun fact Khaled’s original stage name for Arab Attack but after 9/11 Khaled decided to drop the name because why the fuck not.


DJ Khaled – Go Hard featuring Kanye West & T-Pain

From DJ Khaled’s third album ‘We Global’ and this track is a treat. Vintage Kanye West and T-Pain. This is how Auto-tune is used perfectly, Kanye has been a legend when it comes to lyricism and this project came at a time when Kanye was at its peak and dominated the charts. DJ Khaled saw this as a potential Duo and this project gives a new meaning to Dope. Without a doubt, this track goes hard no matter if you like rap or not. This is a motivational track at best laced with hard lyrics and a hard banging beat.
Watch the full video here –

DJ Khaled – All I Do Is Win featuring Ludacris, Rick Ross, T-Pain & Snoop Dogg

Another one. This is not a track this right here is a freaking anthem. A winner’s anthem this track is from DJ Khaled’s fourth album ‘Victory’ and what better way to emphasize the word Victory than this track. All the four features took the instrumental and murdered it then brought it back to life just so they could kill it again. This anthem also has a remix mainly because this took the charts by storm but then again what track which features all-stars won’t. As of 2015 this track has sold more than 3.5million times certify this track to be double platinum. dj-khaled-all-do-is-win
Watch the full video here –

DJ Khaled – I’m On One featuring Drake, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne

This track and the video is one of my personal favorites. Young Mula at its prime, a classic Wayne verse, a Drake chorus and Rick Ross bringing heavy boss lyricism what more can anyone wish for ? This track is from DJ Khaled’s fifth album ‘We The Best Forever’ and this is the first track off the album. This track is certified platinum and was nominated for a Grammy for the award for Best Collaboration in Rap and was the favorite to win. This is one track that you could vibe to while drinking or blazing that Mary Jane no Spiderman.revising-classics-4-on-one

Watch the full video here –

These three tracks are on my playlist ever since I heard them and they no doubt classics. A lot of people think that Khaled doesn’t contribute to the scene well I beg to differ. Crazy collaborations are always present in his album and vibing beats.
What’s your favorite Khaled track?