Revisiting Classics #3: Best Features


The power of Hip Hop and Rap in particular is infinite. Collaborations prove how music is about unity when other genres come together to create art. With this being the third installment in the revisiting classics series we’ll look at some of the tracks where rappers where featured in. Again this is my personal opinion.

Revisitng Classics #3

1) Kid Rock feat. Eminem  -Fuck Off

This is one cult classic where he see the old school Eminem slaying a verse on a typical rock beat with bass guitars play on point. Kid Rock kinda fuses rap with rock not fully but is definitely good with this and knows his flows. Remember this was recorded when Eminem was not known to many and this is a classic Detroit collaboration. Eminem did slay his verse Slim Shady style with lyricism filled with wit and a psycho vibe. The track is a must hear for everyone who loves Witty lyricism and Rock N Roll.

Listen to the track here –

2) Limp Bizkit feat. Method Man-  N 2 Gether Now

This is a DJ Premier classic. With a groove beat and Method Man’s flow and Fred’s vocal projections this whole project is dope. Originally meant for the ‘How High’ movie Method Man and Redman did , this project was followed by one of the best videos I’ve seen. With Method Man and Fred fighting on WWF to them fighting very theatrically this was very very hilarious. Also you have to love the band adding their own elements to DJ Premier’s classic beat.

‘Shut The Fuck Up’ , Watch the video here –

3) Akon feat Eminem – Smack That

For all those who didn’t know , this track dominated the billboard in 2008. This was a club banger and Eminem’s verse was perfect with respect to the beat and the vocals done amazingly by Akon. Akon no doubts produces hits but this track is definitely one of the bangers he has had in his entire career. One of the best Eminem’s flow you will ever hear. To top it all off the song earned a Grammy nomination for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration. This amazing classic is complemented by one of the best directed videos which almost makes crime look cool.

Watch the video here –

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