Revisiting Classics #2 , Stoners Delight


This is the second instalment of my journey of revisiting the classics. This list has three tracks, all of which are better once you get your 420 on and are the best tracks to smoke too. Take a hit while listening to these hits.

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1) Cypress Hill – Insane In The Brain

“Who you trying to get crazy with ese don’t ya know I’m loco”. The beat is a trip in itself with crazy vocals of B-Real on the hook, this track should be on your playlist just because of the style so different adapted by Cypress Hill. Old is gold and this track is a single one of the best works of Cypress and was definitely a hit back in the day. Released in 1993 and still banging, it was nominated for a Grammy in 1994 for Best Rap Performance by a Group or Duo. The video itself makes you feel like you are tripping on some LSD

Watch the music video –


2) Ice Cube – Smoke Some Weed

Old school Ice Cube on a bass heavy beat is the perfect combination for a joint. The lyrics give you that gangsta vibe and the chorus just makes you want to blaze some. From the classic album ‘Laugh Now, Cry Later’ released in 2006 this track is one of the most underrated by Ice Cube’s discography. This has an amateur music video to it where Ice Cube is smoking blunts with people. From the West Coast flow to the production of this track everything is on point to be precise lit. This should be in every stoner’s playlist.
Watch the music video here –

3) Dr Dre – The Next Episode ft. Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, Nate Dogg

If you ever mention the term weed and not relate Snoop Dogg to the talk, then you know nothing about Hip Hop. This is a West Coast banger one of the classic’s Dr Dre produced. Snoop Dogg had one of the best verses of the time and the track is well complemented by the late Legendary vocalist Nate Dogg. Kurupt and Dre had a killer verses but what makes the song for me is the instrumental. This is one of the best Instrumentals ever in the culture. The music video is set in a club and an amazing party setting which is apt to the track.

“Get my smoke on. Hold Up waiiiit.

Smoke weed every day”
Hope you are ready for the next episode
Watch the music video here –