Revisiting Classics #11- Tupac Is Forever

Crowned the king by a lot of rappers the late legend had a glorious career before it tragically ended. Tupac has inspired a whole era of rappers and was a pioneer in the West Coast Hip-Hop scene. In this instalment of Revisiting Classics, we’ll take a look at four best tracks by the West Coast legend.

1) Hit ‘Em Up

This is from a very hardcore era of Hip-Hop. Letting go of all subtly, Tupac straight admits to fucking Biggie’s wife in this diss track. ‘Hit ‘Em Up’ is one of the best disses ever recorded. The video captures the ruthless rhymes the rapper and his group spits by parodying Biggie Smalls. This track was released after Biggie took strong jabs at Tupac on ‘Who Shot Ya’. This was the boiling point in the beef between West Coast and East Coast.

Watch The Video For ‘Hit ‘Em Up’ here:

2) California Love

A Dr┬áDre beat that doesn’t make you grove has not existed yet. This has to be one of the best beats produced by Dr Dre. The perfect use of samples makes this track an anthem for the West-Coast. He also kicks laid back rhymes in a verse and Tupac does the same. This gave an insight on how California does when it comes to partying. Tupac and Dr Dre were the front runners for West Coast Hip-Hop when this dropped and it rose to the top of the charts.

Watch The Amazing Visuals for the track here:

3) Dear Mama

Tupac was much more than a rapper he was a street poet. He told the story in a way so poetic that made the audience relate and this track was nothing but the cold truth and a lot of people living in the projects got hooked on. An ode to his mother this dedication is nothing less than soulful.

Watch The Video For ‘Dear Mama’ here:

4) Changes

Tupac proved to be a street soldier in this project. Telling the truth about the harsh realities of people living in the USA. Telling the truth and convincing people to make changes in their life is a very big thing. Tupac’s music influences people till date and makes them change is a very positive way. ‘Changes’ is one track that gets you right from the start.

Watch The Visual For Changes Here:


These four tracks are my favourites from Tupac’s discography. It is very hard to choose just four but if you had to pick what would be your list?

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