Revisiting Classics #10: Rap Battles That Didn’t Make It In Eminem’s ‘8 Mile’

Eminem’s semi-biographical movie ‘8 Mile’ is one of the best movies ever made about Hip-Hop. The flick stars Eminem as his true self and circles around his early struggles. This movie was a hit among the rap fans and the soundtrack ‘Lose Yourself’ even won an Oscar award making Eminem the second rapper to receive an Oscar.

This movie has sparked a generation of rappers both abroad and here in the Desi Hip-Hop scene. In the movie we see Eminem battling in an underground setting. Towards the end of the movie in the tournament themed battle, we see three battles where Eminem battles three guys back to back from the same crew. Those three battles are truly iconic so make sure you do check them out.

These three battles are not the only battles that Eminem had that day. All of those three battles were scripted. Eminem had a surprise for all Detroit rappers where a handful of artists were chosen to battle Eminem without any movie scripts. None of these battles made it to the final cut of the movie. We See Eminem killing his competition with no scripts just freestyles.

Check out the video here:

My favorite battle among all of the battles from the movie is definitely the battle between Slim Shady and a female Detroit rapper. Eminem trades lyrical jabs and completely annihilates  his opponents. Let us know your favorite battles from the classic movie.