Revisiting Classics #1


Revisiting classics is one journey I’ll be starting from now on. Every week there will be a trip to the memory lane with us discussing  two tracks from our nostalgic playlist. Check out the first installment, both these tracks will make you move to the beat for sure.

Revisiting classics #1

1)Bohemia – Favorite Spot Ft Sin & Snoop Dogg

From the classic album ‘Pesa Nasha Pyar’, with Snoop Dogg as a feature, my favourite spot was one of the earliest foreign collaborations in the Indian industry, maybe one of the first International rap collaboration in the Desi Hip Hop scene all together. The track helped Bohemia gain a reputation abroad and really lifted this album up.

The West side pioneer Snoop Dogg aimed for perfection on the Bhangra themed beat. This banger is complemented perfectly with Sin doing a killer English verse to add to this Bohemia took Punjabi lyricism to the next level with this. A commercial song of a certain level this track deserves to be on your party playlist for one major reason that it has legends on this doing justice to the beat. From the tabla samples and the drums used in this beat are incredible. With the hook being groovy having both Snoop and Bohemia trade lines this banger will make you dance for sure.
Vibe to this track here –

2)Bombay Rockers – Rock The Party

This band has been known to mix up Hip Hop with R&b on Bhangra centered beats. This track is one example of the hybrid they tried earlier. This track is going to make you groove for sure and ‘Rock The Party’. With smooth vocals on perfect groove beat this track will make you put on dance shoes and go out on Monday nights for some dancing. Perfect acoustic and keyboard samples used in this beat.

The music video could be compared to a band hangover with talking cats , low riders and a lot of parties and to add to this madness stuffed toys driving cars. Also in the end we see stuffed toys beat the shit out of the duo. This is a groovy track for sure where Bombay Rockers just had fun with the track.
Watch the video here –


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