Resham Singh Anmol’s ‘Saroor’ With Raftaar Is Out Now (Video)


Resham Singh Anmol announced first single off his imminent album ‘Urban Desi‘ last month. Raftaar‘s association with his name was already a surprise. I’ve already done a pre-release article on this announcement a few days ago which was based on the events that happened before the release of this track in a chronological order. So, I’m going to talk about the track by taking an advantage of this space.


Saroor‘ by Resham Singh Anmol came out earlier this morning. As we all expected, it’s not a Hip-Hop track. It was never planned to be one. It’s an urban single & is a blend of many genres like ‘U.K. Bhangra’ which is a very popular Punjabi music’s sub-genre & has a few elements of Hip-Hop music & Electronic Dance Music. Resham Singh Anmol’s voice has a folk vocal touch in general but for this track, he has experimented with his style to make it sound like an urban voice. In a promotional video released yesterday, Raftaar claimed that this track was mixed without using a very popular urban element, Auto-Tune. It’s a proper mainstream single which is a trend in the market these days.

After the second chorus, Raftaar kicks in. He recorded his verse in his typical vocal style which has a growling sort of element. He chose Punjabi for this track to keep the feel alive. His verse is basically based on their attitude & style. His fans already accepted this type of his sound when he released ‘Chandigarh Rehn Waaliye’ with Jenny Johal a few months ago. He once accepted that he’s a performer first & the things that he’s known for like rapping, dancing, singing & acting are just a part of it. This is a fine example of what he has said cos’ whatever he puts out, comes different from his previous works but lies in the same category.

‘Saroor’ is a joint presentation of ‘Speed Records’ & Ankit Khanna. It was written by Gurjit & it’s music was produced by Desi Crew. Sound programming for ‘Saroor’ was done by B-Sanj who is doing it for almost every big release in the industry now. Robby Singh, who is known for working with artists like Sukh-E, Honey Singh, Badshah & many others did the video for this single.

Overall, this latest drop is perfect for bumping in the cars & clubs if your taste is developed for this sort of music. But, Raftaar’s fans are desperately waiting for his mixtape ‘Zero to Infinity’ to get their dose of Hip-Hop which he has not provided them in a long time.

Listen to ‘Saroor’ by Resham Singh Anmol & Raftaar here :