Recent Rap Beef’s Which Heat Up The Hip-Hop Scene

Hip-hop has seen a lot of feuds/beefs in the past. It has always had wars of wits and heated rap battles between emcees. But in addition to friendly battles, disses have also seen beefs and disputes go awry, with violence and bloodshed and unfortunately, death.

Last year saw all the above come into play at one point or another, with a bunch of diss songs and bad blood.

We are listing some of  the Rap beef’s of recent times;

The Game vs Meek Mill

The beef started when Sean Kingston’s jewellery was stolen in a night club. The Game accused Meek Mill that he snitched on him, telling Sean Kingston that his crew was involved in the robbery. The Game dissed Meek Mill on his “92 Bars” track. This lead Meek to return him the favour by dropping a diss over Young.M.A’s beat “OOOOUU”.  The diss tracks made the rap beef more ugly.

Tyga vs 21 Savage

It all started when 21 Savage tweeted making a Kylie Jenner reference. “Got this superstar chick I got a big crush on,” this was not the end of the story; he eventually made his intentions clear by sending Kylie heart emoji and a photo of herself on Twitter. Savage disrespected Kylie’s’ relationship with rapper Tyga by making remarks to her that he’d “tear that ass up” when asked about his affection for Kylie.

This all made Tyga post a picture of him and Kylie riding in a car with the caption “Selling records being you, but still, you want to be me”. This was clearly directed at 21 Savage. In response to this, Savage made a video of him threatening to murder Tyga, leading Kylie to strike back with comments referring to 21 Savage as a bitch. Savage continued to troll the couple by changing his profile picture with Jenner’s pic, uploading a pic of Kylie with his signature dagger tattoo photoshopped onto her forehead. Tyga has been mum outside of his diss track and the beef has the possibility to extend into 2017.

Lil Wayne vs Birdman

This beef between the two rappers is considered to be most notorious in recent memory. It all started with a picture surfaced of Lil Wayne with Rick Ross and Trick Daddy, both of whom who made disparaging comments about Birdman’s business practices. In response, Birdman calls off a settlement with Wayne regarding the lawsuit, this lead Wayne to shout “Fuck Cash Money” and “Fuck Birdman” live on stage which fuelled the beef. Weezy dissed Bird numerous times and stated that he “is not family” anymore

Soulja By vs Lil Yachty

Once friends but turned into allies and soon dissing each other. The beef started when Soulja Boy posted a picture of himself with model India Love, who Lil Boat apparently has feelings for. Yachty asked Soulja to take the pics, but Soulja heated up the things by posting a screenshot of the conversation with his reply asking Yachty if he wanted beef. Lil Yachty eventually dissed Soulja live in concert, calling him old and washed up, and getting the crowd to yell “F*ck Soulja Boy”. In response for this Soulja issued death threats to Yachty and made remarks of his sexual history with India Love, and missing to release a diss track. But in a twist of events, Soulja apologized to Lil Yachty and denied any beef on his part in an Instagram post stating.”Lil Yachty, you know I love you, bro I just needed to smoke a blunt, bro. You know big Soulja be tweaking when ain’t got no weed”. Lil Yachty deemed Soulja’s antics as a cry for attention.

Lupe Fiasco vs Kid Cudi

It all started when Lupe decided to comment on Kid Cudi’s Twitter rant against Drake and Kanye with a few tweets of his own. Saying, “Told y’all about these funny style ass Niggaz… constantly biting the hands that feed them”. Lupe’s tweets were made in reference to Cudi, but there was nor response from the latter. Lupe took another opportunity when Cudi responded Drake’s “Two Birds, One Stone” diss, with Lupe tweeting, “Man fuck that nigga. What part of “rehab” is calling people pussies and asking for fades? Rehab is checking your own problems, not this shit”