Rebellious Antagonists Murdered Stormzy’s Most Iconic Track!

Rebellious Antagonists-Rapper Stormzy-Pakistani rap

Rebellious Antagonists comes from the city of Islamabad, Pakistan. The Pakistani rap crew consists of Psychedelic Jedi, Zeeshan, Nauman and Mr. Baloch. They like to call themselves the “Voices of the Voiceless” to solidify the expression of emotions and rebelliousness through their music. Their previous works like ‘24/7‘ featured Rap Demon and Rapo who eventually, choked the instrumental to its ultimate death.

Recently, as a matter of fact, their latest release, ‘Where Do They Know Us From‘, was circling the internet. While a lot of people are still sleeping on the famous ‘Grime‘ music from the UK, R.A. decided to bring that sound in Pakistan. Who is the most famous rapper from the UK that you’ve heard the name of? Yes, Stormzy is the name that will cross through your mind.

Rebellious Antagonists picked  RapperStormzy’s most iconic song, ‘Where Do You Know Me From?‘ and pretty much murdered it. Nauman, Zeeshan, Ali Jaffery and Omar Bhular shot the music video while Fahad Yousaf edited the project. R.A. called it “A Proper Urdu-Pakistani Grime Sound” under the caption of the video release. Rapper Stormzy, as a matter of fact, used hashtags like ‘#Problem’ and ‘#Merky’ in his song. Rebellious Antagonists, similarly, used hashtags like ‘#BigMan’, ‘#Quetta’ and ‘#WasteMan’.

Although, the video came out in the first week of May of 2017, it earned the hype gradually.  ‘Where Do They Know Us From’ came out after a year of their last release and the wait was worth it. The track also has subliminal shots on both Gen. Pervez Musharraf and Nawaz Sharif.

Significant lyrics from the track:

“Ab aa gaye hum tera waqt khatam,
Tu jo bhi hai na sochein hum,
Sun na paayein hum tera ghumm,
Inhe bas R.A. se jalan”

Watch the music video of ‘Where Do They Know Us From’ by Rebellious Antagonists here: