Do Real Rap or Commercial Rap Exist?

In the last few decades, the culture of hip-hop has gained quite a popularity among the masses of the Indian population. Pioneers of desi hip hop like Bohemia, inspired a new breed of young talented individuals, who have dished out a diverse genre of hip hop music, with their own signature style.

The whole culture of rap started out in response to the social ills plaguing the society at that time. The artist used to make music which would highlight such social issues. This you can say is the pure version of rap. But as time progressed, artists started making music which dealt less with social issues and was more of the electronic sound. The lyrics started becoming more distant and disconnected. Lately, the whole rap scene has gone through a tremendous and drastic change, such that it diverged into 2 different sub-genres. One is the ‘Original Rap’, which deals with social issues and the other being which are used in movies the ‘Commercial Rap’.

The question that arises is what do we really need? Do the masses need the real rap or the commercial rap? If you ask us, it all depends on the perspective of each and every individual. There are some people who are faithful supporters of real rap and there are some who like commercial rap.

As with all things in this universe, everything has its pros and cons. It is necessary to maintain the balance of the universe because if it ceases to exist, there would be chaos in the natural world.

With real rap, the pro is that all the social issues get highlighted through the songs, but, it is not certain that it would click with the entire population and that is the con. Though we are not saying that it is bad in any manner, but the truth is the truth. It is more popular than the rap mission used in movies or also called commercial rap.

The popularity of rap music used in movies is a whole new concept. It started out a few years ago, but is still in its nascent stage and has to go a long way to grow which will take some time. It does not deal with social issues and is more about materialistic desires of the society. But you can’t deny the fact that it is catchy, groovy, and will make you dance on your feet. The producers are seizing this opportunity and so are the artists.

This debate of what we need and don’t need can go on forever. It has its supporters on both sides of the field, so the best option is to accept both of this sub-genres of rap. As they say that with time everything changes… If you do not change with the interest of your market you will perish.