RE-VISION Inspired from 90’s Hip Hop


Re-Vision is an EP inspired from classic 90’s Old School  hip hop scene. These talented boys from New Delhi have made a mark in the scene. All of you must have heard B3 a lot of times his recent releases like ‘Ball Hard‘ & one of our personal favourite is ‘Old School Vibe‘ in which he took shots at underground scene who doubt that Old School hip hop is dead in india.

re vision with logo

In this EP you will see Jawdropper dropping his actual Jaw-Dropping bars, Aakarshit will make you go Oh-Shit, Har Man‘s production is so sick that you will feel the old school vibe in it, Badmynd is a new name for us we never heard him before and he is pretty good with lyrics but he might need to work a bit on his delivery, And of course B3 who has been making some good Dark Trap, Old School hip hop songs with experimental touches in it.

This EP is a must listen to and we at Desi Hip Hop recommend it to you, Drop your feedback after feeling the vibe –