The Ray & M.ZHE In ‘7uck Mainstream’ (VIDEO)


Indian underground music witnessed a major release in the month of September. Sankalp Chaturvedi who is known by his moniker San Cha, released a track titled ‘7uck Mainstream!‘, a single from his forthcoming mixtape ‘Sincerely Sincere‘. It circulated on the social media for a while & the artists who were featured on it were appreciated. Ipsha ‘Ipsy’ Barooah did a complex verse in English, Prince was on the pre-hook, Uday Bakshi did the hook & the opening verse, M.ZHE & The Ray‘s verse was a mixture of Hindi & Punjabi. Everyone of them murdered the instrumental in their own styles.

14956636_555540477979392_7926700958063748317_n-horz                           (Cover art of San Cha’s ‘7uck Mainstream!’)                                     (Cover art of KKG’s ‘Mainstream’ )

In a couple of days of it’s release, Sikander Kahlon decided to remix the track with his crew Kala Kurta Gang. San Cha was featured on the remix and got a slot on the intro & Uday Bakshi’s verse was also added to bring a remix flavor to the track. This remix was titled as ‘Mainstream (KKG Remix)‘ and went viral on the social media. ‘Mainstream’ was also featured on Sikander Kahlon’s last compilation tape werk16‘. Everyone on the track got their share of appreciation.

Both of these tracks were focused on a rebellious behavior & on pros n’ cons of going mainstream. Many artists from the underground heard the track and are working on different versions of the track. M.ZHE & The Ray planned to showcase their respective verses by dropping a video. So, here it is.


M.ZHE & The Ray are a part of Gawky Records which is their own label. These two artists are based in the capital city of Saudi Arabia which is Riyadh. M.ZHE has a reputation of doing multi-tasking which includes spitting verses, filming and editing of videos, arranging cyphers in a city where doing music is almost illegal. The Ray on the other hand is a songwriter & a recording artist.

They were approached by San Cha for a collaboration on the original version for his tape. They both spat their respective verses and sent them to San Cha who did the programming for his version. After a mutual agreement on the final sound, the track came out. The idea of releasing a video was solely of M.ZHE. He shot & edited the video that features only him & The Ray and M.ZHE was assisted by Shahzaib Mustafa in the camera works. The locations that they’ve selected for the video are totally going with the feel of the track & the video version sounds like a complete track itself.

To cut the long story short, it takes guts for an artist to release a video that needs his full dedication. I’m sure this drop by the Gawky Records is not gonna disappoint you at all.

Checkout the full video of Gawky Records’ version of ‘7uck Mainstream’ (Bonus Video) here :

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