Raxstar’s Music About Empowering Women Sets Him Apart.


Artists like Honey Singh have often been criticized for objectifying women in their music. We have witnessed women taking a stand in the form of rapping while questioning Honey’s attempt. The social media has seen it’s fair share of tweets about the same. For an instance, the cover art of “One Bottle Down” says it all.

Raxstar feels that most of the Desi’s experience common situations throughout the world. It is this aspect which he really wishes to explore through his music, his multi-cultural upbringing helps him explore this more. In ‘Balwant‘, he drew inspiration from the women he encountered in his life and how they represent themselves. Raxstar put a sincere twist on this by dropping a song which asked men to back off and let the girl in the club be care free.

Significant lyrics:

“She don’t want to dance with you,
She don’t want to drink
Fall back bro let her do her thing”

However, “Balwant” is not his first song which supports independent women. His previous collaboration with Badshah , “Bandook“, depicted situations about domestic violence in a relationship. He gets appreciation and encouragement from women in his life for the music he is making, it is not like it will eradicate the problem but it is at least a positive step towards it.

On the other hand, Raxstar’s approach to music is helping in alleviating it’s perception of being a party genre or at least it’s perception in India. Although he does not think that all music is degrading as it is very difficult to bring something positive to the audience in a country like India, where the listener’s attention span is smaller than a gold fish’s attention span.

As a matter of fact, Raxstar is a social media frenzy and is highly active on Twitter. He uses it to interact with his fans and also says that it has helped him gain international recognition as well. Just like everyone else with a social media presence, Raxstar has been also been trolled. Earlier, he used to respond to mean tweets but realized that it was just a waste of time and since then has been putting his efforts into productive things.